Eastern PA Birdline: 4/17/2015

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  • Lehigh / Northampton Counties and Vicinity
  • April 17, 2015
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Hotline: Eastern PA Birdline Date: April 17th at 1:00 AM To Report by E-Mail: Send to becard@rcn.com with “Birdline” in subject heading. Compiler: Dave DeReamus My reporting area includes all of Lehigh and Northampton Counties with the northern edge of the area reaching Beltzville State Park and the southern edge reaching Peace Valley Park in Bucks County. Updates are typically done every Friday, more often when necessary.

You can visit the Lehigh Valley Audubon Society Website at http://www.lvaudubon.org/ .

You can visit my 'Eastern PA Birding' Website for photos and information at http://users.rcn.com/becard/home.html .

There will be a field trip to Housenick Park in Bethlehem on April 18th. Meet at the park, located at 3817 Christian Springs Road, Bethlehem, at 7:30 AM. Trip leader will be Scott Burnet.

The next field trip will be a beginner’s bird walk to the Monocacy Nature Center on April 25th. Meet at the parking lot at Illicks Mill Road at 8:00 AM. Trip leaders will be Sue Mahan and Stephen Kloiber.

There will also be a field trip to the Lehigh Parkway on April 25th. Meet at the Tilghman Square parking lot, near the Red Robin restaurant, just west of Route 309 at 7:30 AM. Trip leader will be Barbara Malt.

Yet another field trip will go to the Bethlehem Boat Club area of the Lehigh Canal on April 26th. Meet at the Park & Ride lot at the William Penn Highway exit of Route 33, just south of Route 22 at 7:30 AM. Trip leader will be Adam Smith.

Directions to many of the sites in this report can be found in the area’s birding guidebook, “Birds of the Lehigh Valley and Vicinity”. A completely revised, 2nd edition of the book can be ordered at: http://www.lvaudubon.org/shop/ .


Sightings from LAKE MINSI, Northampton County: LONG-TAILED DUCKS – 1 to at least 4/10; 2 on 4/14 BLACK SCOTERS – 10 on 4/17 Red-breasted Mergansers – 6 on 4/10 RED-THROATED LOON – 1 on 4/17 RED-NECKED GREBE – 1 on 4/17 Dunlin – 1 on 4/10 Bonaparte’s Gulls – 12 on 4/9; 2 on 4/14 COMMON TERN – 1 on 4/10.

Sightings from BEAR SWAMP, Northampton County: Northern Waterthrush – 1 on 4/15.

Sightings from the MARTINS CREEK PPL POWER PLANT area, Northampton County: Bonaparte’s Gulls – 8 on 4/10. Also Bank Swallow.

Sightings from the NAZARETH QUARRY, Northampton County: RED-THROATED LOON – 1 from 4/9 to at least 4/14 Bonaparte’s Gulls – 4 on 4/14.

Sightings from LOWER NAZARETH TOWNSHIP, Northampton County: At the Gremar Road retention ponds: LONG-TAILED DUCKS – 5 to at least 4/10 Bonaparte’s Gull – 1 on 4/10. Also Hooded Merganser and Wilson’s Snipe.

Sightings from the BETHLEHEM BOAT CLUB area, Northampton County: YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER – 1 returning on 4/12.

Sightings from the GREEN POND area, Northampton County: Bonaparte’s Gulls – 2 on 4/10. Also Blue-winged Teal.

Sightings from BELTZVILLE STATE PARK, Carbon County: Red-breasted Mergansers – 2 on 4/14 RED-THROATED LOON – 1 from 4/10 to at least 4/12. Also Cliff Swallow.

Sightings from BAKE OVEN KNOB, Lehigh County: Bald Eagles – 2 on 4/15 Broad-winged Hawks – 77 on 4/15 Merlin – 1 on 4/15.

Sightings from LEASER LAKE, Lehigh County: Red-breasted Mergansers – 1 on 4/14 Caspian Tern – 1 on 4/12.

Sightings from the HAAFSVILLE area, Lehigh County: SANDHILL CRANE – 1 on 4/14. Also Wilson’s Snipe.

Sightings from UPPER MACUNGIE TOWNSHIP, Lehigh County: Along Cetronia Road (near Air Products): Solitary Sandpiper – 1 to at least 4/12.

Sightings from GREEN LANE RESERVOIR, Montgomery County: At the Walt Road area: Red-breasted Mergansers – 9 on 4/10 RED-THROATED LOONS – 2 to at least 4/12 Dunlin – 1 on 4/11 Bonaparte’s Gull – 1 on 4/10 and 4/11; 18 on 4/14; 1 on 4/16. At the Church Road area: Green Heron – 1 on 4/10.

Sightings from PEACE VALLEY PARK, Bucks County: Common Goldeneye – 1 to at least 4/10 RED-NECKED GREBE – 1 on 4/11 Peregrine Falcon – 1 on 4/11. Also Green Heron, Broad-winged Hawk, and Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.

Double-crested Cormorant, Osprey, Bald Eagle, and PINE SISKINS were reported at several sites this past week.

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