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President: Peter Saenger

President: Peter Saenger

Vice President: Barbara Malt 

Vice President: Barbara Malt 

Treasurer: Betty Abrams

Treasurer: Betty Abrams

Secretary: Joanne Sora

Secretary: Joanne Sora


Membership: Jack Kane

Youth: Chad Schwartz

Field Trips: Adam Smith  

Programs: Janet Hague Farley  

HabitatScott Burnet  

Conservation: Jon Levin

Education: Marilyn Guidry, Chad Schwartz, Jack Kane, Barbara Malt, Brandon Swayser

Newsletter: Chris Hugosson

Public Information: Jenith Flex; Chris Hugosson 

Social: Linda Shankweiler, Joanne Sora, Betty Abrams

B.O.L.V.V.: Peter Saenger, Chair; Barbara Malt, Kevin Crilley, Joanne Sora (wholesale orders)

Christmas Bird Count: Rett Oren, Marilyn Guidry

Birdline: Dave DeReamus  

Records: Linda Freedman 

Ways and Means: Dennis Glew

White-crowned Sparrow

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