Here's a sample of what we've helped improve

Lehigh Valley Nestbox Trail System

The “Lehigh Valley Nestbox Trail System” is a collection ofmany sites throughout the valley with multi-species nestbox trails.

  • Lenape Trail in the Little Lehigh Parkway at the Trout Nursery
  • Archibald Johnston Conservation Area in Bethlehem
  • Kalmbach Memorial Park in Macungie
  • Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation Trail
  •  Adam Sabatine memorial trail at Trexler Park


The revitalization projects for Lake Muhlenberg:

  • Construction of a large Chimney Swift Tower on the island
  • Removal of invasive, non-native plants from the park
  • Installation of native plant gardens on the island
  • Removal of large amounts of trash from the lake
Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

What we have achieved

  • Documented the birds of Lehigh Valley over several decades.
  • Shared the knowledge of sites and birds of our area across three generations of birders
  • Over decades, invited thousands of people to join us for excursions and programs.
  • Connected young and old, beginner and expert,  in learning and enjoying birding.
  • Expose kids to birding and encourage the interested.


  • The LVAS Habitat Committee is very actively involved in constructing Chimney Swift Towers throughout the Lehigh Valley, at many locations.
  • On 8/27/16, the first physical evidence was found that confirmed Chimney Swifts are nesting in the structures we have built
  • Many more towers are in the planning stages, and LVAS is partnering with several other Southeastern PA Audubon chapters to promote this initiative
  • The newest addition to the growing list of LVAS towers was completed in August 2016, at Lehigh Gap Nature Center.
  • Chimney Swifts are species of conservation concern, due to the fact that their population declines annually, and they have suffered a 26% reduction in PA over the last two decades.