Want to crash some glass?

Want to crash some glass?


Clearly a Pane

Are we all killing more birds than we know? Window strikes kill and maim a lot of birds every year. Exact numbers are hard to come by. Estimates based on number of buildings go from 100 million to a billion birds killed every year in the US alone. Say 5% of the entire US bird population.

Is there a solution? Yes, technically this is solved.Dr. Daniel Klem has figured out that horizontal bars every two inches or vertical bars every four inches does the trick. We can even use UV-only absorbing or reflecting material to make those bars invisible to us humans while visible to birds. We can enjoy beautiful, bright windows without guilt. So what is the problem? Mostly commercial. While it is easy enough to preach to the choir and engage a few birders; we need to win over the US public in general to create enough of a market to produce these windows. So what can we do in the mean time? There are cheap solutions based on the principles Dr Klem describes. Think strings or film to create those properly spaced bars. And no, those hawk silhouettes don’t do much. Tested and utter fail. Same thing with the current set of glass panes with built in UV bars. They have too little contrast to make a difference when actually tested.

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